Spring Sprungs

25 Apr 2011

Keeping this blog up to date has been quite a challenge over the past few months.  I'd claim that I've been really busy, and in many ways that is true, but the fact is that I just didn't have that much to say that couldn't be said in forums like Facebook.

A lot of people look at personal blogs as the ultimate vanity.  I suppose in a way they are right, but I also see them as a sort of socialization of news.  These days, you watch CNN and what you get is the latest thing that is exciting.  Right now, it's the royal wedding, and perhaps an occasional comment about Libya and Japan.  I guess if I were in those places I might be somewhat upset that the world has such a short attention span. That's today's world - the constant flow of information has shortened our attention span.  I remember how satisfying it was to walk down to the local pub with a stack of Sunday newspapers and the dog on a leash.  We'd sit there, sipping beer and reading the news for hours. 

Now, it's the Internet that provides us with the news, headlines on a Google screen with a couple of lines of news and the promise of more if one clicks through.  Newspapers are dying.  It's a shame.