You scare me, Mr. Pritchett

31 Aug 2009

in the past couple of months, Lou Pritchett's open letter to President Obama has circulated the Internet.  While I'm not in the habit of using this web site as a political platform, I felt compelled to respond.  If you want to see Mr. Pritchett's original letter, you can view it here.

Here is my response:

Dear Mr. Pritchett

Many things scare me about you.

You scare me because you were vice president of a company that makes floor cleaner, yet somehow you believe that makes you an expert on politics and in particular, our democratically elected president.

You scare me because you say you know nothing about our president, yet all the things you say that scare you are a matter of public record, and you don't seem able to do any research into items that are part of that public record. Does the Internet scare you too? How about the library?

You scare me because you believe that people who get student loans and support from their family to pay for the education is somehow mysterious. I'm sure on your salary that's probably not an issue. How did you pay for your education to become a floor cleaner magnate?

You scare me because you don't seem to believe that a family of four, with two working lawyers, can actually live quite comfortably, thank you very much. Of course, they are black. Is that what scares you?

You scare me because you think that a child living from age 6 to 10 in a foreign country is a bad thing, and that constitutes “formative years”. When were your formative years? Were you scared then, too?  At that age, I was more scared of the monster in my closet than I was of any politician.

You scare me because you seem to have forgotten that Hawaii is part of our union, and that congress also agreed that our president was born there. Does the entire congress scare you too? You must be very frightened indeed.

You scare me because you think that Fox News and others are something other than just entertainment stations. I do have to say that they scare me a lot sometimes, but that's sorta their modus operandi. Glenn Beck must be scared, too, because he keeps crying.

You scare me because you seem to think that after only 200 days that the current administration is somehow responsible for the economic crisis. Do you recall when it all began? It was a scary time.

You scare me because you think that fixing our broken health care system is a bad thing. You look pretty old – are you on Medicare? I guess we better take that away as well. What about fire services? Police? Oh wait, you don't need this stuff, you are a floor cleaner magnate.

You scare me because during the past administration someone speaking out against our democratically elected president would have been seen as traitorous, yet now it seems okay to do so.

Now let me scare you one last time: while I agree with nothing that seems to scare you, I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it. Would you do the same for me?

Let me say finally that I'm very sorry that those terrible people at the New York Times refused to publish such a well researched and thoughtful letter. It's good to know that the Internet is still available as a free and uncensored medium to get your thoughts out. You can thank those nice people at Stanford University (Vint Cerf), CERN (Tim Berners-Lee) and DARPA for that, with support from scary young congressmen like Al Gore. I think it's great that you didn't have to pay for every time your email was forwarded, don't you? That would be pretty scary if you did.