Island Time

No Plane On Sunday

03 Feb 1999

The first time we visited the Caribbean, our plans were to go to St. John, USVI, for a week, then head over to Tortola for another week of sailing in the British Virgin Islands.  Liz and I were living in London, George and Cathy in New Orleans, and we were to converge on St. John from two different countries, at three different times.  I was the latest, heading over after the other three had been there for a few days.

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Boat from Hell - Intro

03 Feb 2000

Every so often in nature, a combination of events take place that combine to create an overall event that is much greater than it’s parts. In the ocean, rogue waves occasionally appear; in weather, fronts combine to create a weather system that defies belief; and in grocery stores you always pick the wrong check out line. I believe this principle also applies to cruising yachts.


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Noses and Boatrides

03 Feb 2000
About 5 days into our 14-day trip, we were anchored off a small resort called Palm Island. Palm is famous in the area because of it’s owner – John Caldwell. John bought the island in the late fifties – an American looking for a life in the islands. It was nothing more than a dry sandbar at the time, and John decided to turn it into a resort. Forty years later he had a $600/night all-inclusive resort, complete with a bar that makes the best cheeseburgers in the Grenadines.

As is our custom

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