Road Trip – Day 2

31 Dec 2008
Okay, the second day’s driving is out of the way . There was a little excitement at the last as the low fuel light came on about 16 miles from our destination and we ended up arriving with almost nothing in the tank. Aside from that, it was a long, fast trip. We drove around 460 miles, mostly at 80mph. The only stop was right at the border between Nevada and Utah, at Bonneville Salt Flats. Weird and flat, you could see cars driving in the distance driving on what appeared to be mirrors. We drove down the road to where the speedway starts. There’s nothing there now – apparently the authorities create the speedway every year. According to the signs, during the winter the flats are covered in water. As we were going back up the mountains heading into Wyoming, we actually got a little snow, and when we got out of the car in Evanston, a cold wind was blowing light snow. The short sleeve shirt had to go. I’ve been in Evanston before. Thirty years ago I was here installing radio-telephone links for the exploration rigs out in the mountains. I had only worked for Chevron for a few months, and I thought being out here was the coolest job in the world. Who wouldn’t have loved playing in the mountains and getting paid for it. Anyway, here we are again. Tomorrow we are off to Cheyenne, about 400 miles. The journey continues.