The Story So Far

31 Dec 2008

Since recent episodes have been few and far between, let’s catch up on what has happened in the past few months.

We sold our house
Strange but true. After lots of work by our very hard working realtors, our house went on the market in the second week in July and had an offer within a week. It closed on August 28, and we are now officially homeless in the US. We proved the old saying that your house looks its best on the day you buy it and the day you sell it.

We are on another road trip
This time to take the Miata to Arkansas for storage. I’m writing this from a Holiday Inn in Williams, AZ. After a hard drive the first day, we took it easy yesterday. Or we thought we were taking it easy. Liz wanted to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which looked like an easy drive from where we were staying in Kingman, AZ. It sorta was, if you don’t count the 14 miles of washboard dirt road that we had to navigate in the Miata. Then when we got there, we discovered the joy of tourist destinations. Here’s a clip from an analysis that Liz did to summarize the cost of walking on a clear platform suspended over the Grand Canyon:

Price for one person to go on the Grand Canyon Skywalk and this is after driving down a 14 mile NASTY dirt and rock road in the Miata.

$20 Parking
$29.95 Mandatory Tour Purchase before going to the Skywalk
$29.95 Entrance to the Skywalk
$30 Photo on the Skywalk (optional) but you are not allowed to take cameras on it. You might drop it over. HA! They take 9 photos in different places. Don’t know if there is package for buying all 9. We didn’t buy any.
$11.95 Lunch. An Indian frybread taco and a water.

Optional Excursions

$159/$219 Helcopter and Pontoon Boat tour.
$59/$89 Hummer Tour
$59/$99 Horseback Ride

Total for your special day: $398.95 or for the deluxe tours $528.95

Live and learn!

Next Up
We’ve got a route planned that doesn’t take us on I40 – we go north through Durango, CO, then east from there. Liz says that it’s only a few hours difference in the total trip, and should provide us with some interesting sights along the way.

Our thoughts are with our extended family in Louisiana
As yet another hurricane threatens New Orleans, our thoughts are with those wonderful folks down there. We hope that they are all safe.