Scary Stuff

31 Dec 2008

I’m not the bravest guy in the world, but I don’t consider myself to be the most risk adverse either. I’ve done a few things that might be considered scary, and a few others that were just plain stupid (usually followed by pain or a loud bang). I enjoy the occasional rush. I’m about to do one of the most scary things I’ve ever done. I’m going to retire.

I often wondered about the phrase “pulling the pin”. I’ve used it many times – it’s one of those things you don’t think about very much. If you did, you’d realize that it’s something one would say about pulling the pin out of a hand grenade and running away. Bang.

I guess that’s what I’m doing – running away. Or at least sauntering. One way or the other I’m making a change.

I’m retired. Holy annunity, Batman!

After 31 years working for the same company, I’ve decided to pull the pin. I’ll do one more hitch. Then we’ll head to California where we will work on our house there and give the market some time to recover, then sell the place and move to Mexico.

It’s a pretty scary feeling, taking away one’s security blanket, but it’s time. I need a break.